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Christmastide Mass Schedule 2023

Christmastide Mass Schedule 


Vigil of Christmas (Sunday 24th Dec). Low Mass: 8am, High Mass:10am, Low Mass: 12:15pm.


Christmas Day (Monday 25th Dec, Holy Day). High Mass: Midnight, Low Mass: 8am, High Mass: 10am.


Christmas Octave (26th to 29th Dec). Low Mass: 9am only.


Christmas Octave (Saturday 30th Dec). Low Mass: 10am.


Sunday in the Octave (Sunday 31st Dec). Low Mass: 8am, High Mass: 10am, Low Mass: 12:15pm.


Octave Day (Monday 1st Jan, Holy Day). Low Mass: 9am & 12:15pm.


Tuesday to Thursday (2nd—4th Jan). Low Mass: 9am only.


Vigil of the Epiphany (Friday 5th Jan). Low Mass:12:15pm, High Mass:6pm.

N.B. Holy hour replaced with Epiphany water blessing beginning at 5pm.


Feast of the Epiphany (Saturday 6th Jan). High Mass: 10am.


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