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19th May 2024

Updated: May 19

Pentecost Sunday

  • Sun 5/19 8:00am - Healthy Pregnancy (living), Pentecost Sunday, I, R

  • Mon 5/20 9:00am - Fischer Children (living), Pentecost Monday, I, R

  • Tue 5/21 8:00am - Lisa and David Fischer (living), Pentecost Tuesday, I, R

  • Tue 5/21 12:15pm - Private Intention (living), Pentecost Tuesday, I, R

  • Wed 5/22 8:00am - Michael Mestemaker (living), Ember Wednesday, I, R

  • Wed 5/22 12:15pm - John Pelkan ,Ember Wednesday, I, R

  • Thu 5/23 8:00am - Emma Josephine Veloso (living), Pentecost Thursday, I, R

  • Thu 5/23 12:15pm - Mariel Kottoor (living), Pentecost Thursday, I, R

  • Fri 5/24 6:00pm - Most Needed Soul in Purgatory , Ember Friday, I, R

  • Sat 5/25 10:00am - Donald E. Rosencrans , Ember Saturday, I, R

  • Sun 5/26 8:00am - Mary Marincel (living), Trinity Sunday, I, W

Holy Hours

Friday: Sacred Heart: 5pm till 6pm

First Friday: Sacred Heart: 7pm till 9pm

Saturday: Immaculate Heart: 9am till 10am

Mass Attendance

8:00am 222

10:30am 284

12:15pm 251

No Rosary & Catechism Classes on Wednesday 15th May. Rosary and Adult Catechism will re-sume in June.

May Crowning & Rosary Procession: Please join us to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary on Feast of the Queenship of Mary on Friday 31st May at 5pm. All registered parishioners names will be placed within a commemorative locket and consecrated to the B.V.M on that day.

Meeting with Confirmation Candidates: There is a meeting for All confirmation candidates after the 12:15pm Mass today.

Couples Group Meeting: 19th May after 12:15pm with presentation by Fr. Quirke and Amy Daven-port, relationship coach.

Confirmation with Bishop Olson: is scheduled for Thursday 23rd May at 6:30pm. All Candidates should present themselves in the church together with their sponsors no later than 6:15pm.

Mass Intentions: The Mass intention book is full and therefore will not be opened this month.

Prayer Request: Please keep Deacon Sam Florance F.S.S.P. in your prayers as he begins his final prepa-rations ahead of his priestly ordination on Wednesday 29th May at St. Cecilia Cathedral, Omaha. For those who don’t know the Rev. Mr. Florance and his family are parishioners at St. Benedicts and Sam is the first priestly vocation we have had from the parish. Please pray that he is not the only one and con-tinue to help the discernment of religious vocations in your homes. In May many Fraternity priests cel-ebrate the anniversary of their ordination. Please continue to pray for them to be good and holy priests and continue to serve God at the altar and in the parish.

Meating of Men: The next meating of men is scheduled for Saturday 8th June. Beginning with a spiritual conference in the church at 5pm. Please remember to bring food and drinks to share.

Mothers’ Meeting: The next mothers meeting is scheduled for Thursday 13th June at 7pm in the par-ish hall. This meeting is open to all the mothers of the parish and includes a spiritual conference and some helpful hints on how to pray best as a mother.

Parish Bulletin 19 May 2024
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