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“Give, and gifts will be yours; good measure, pressed down and shaken up and running over, will be poured into your lap; the measure you award to others is the measure that will be awarded to you.”

~ Luke 6:38

Are you a good parishioner?

The question of Parishioner Good Status is important.

Active Parishioners of St. Benedict rightfully look to their parish for any number of activities. Among them are:

  • Celebrations of the ancient liturgy on weekdays, Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.

  • Eucharist adoration and customary devotional liturgical practices.

  • Sacramental services such as Baptisms, Weddings, Extreme Unction and Funerals.

  • Certified letters of good status provided for sacramental celebrations in other parishes.

  • Year-end donation statements available for tax purposes.

  • Benefits regarding Catholic catechesis, sacramental preparation for Communion and Confirmation.​

An Active Parishioner is expected to support the parish using the envelope system. The envelope system is the best means to demonstrate your active status and your devotion to the Latin Mass in Fort Worth.

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